"Cereria Molla 1899" Body Set  "Amber Sandalwood"

"Cereria Molla 1899" Body Set "Amber Sandalwood"

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"Cereria Molla" Body & Hand Lotion " Amber & Sandalwood" 500ml.

"Cereria Molla" Body & Hand Wash "Amber & Sandalwood" 500ml.

CERERIA MOLLA 1899 is a liquid, moisturizing hand detergent with moisturizing properties from Spanish sage and ginseng extracts. Free of sulphates, parabens and silicon. Scent notes - citrus, amber, musk, sandalwood.
Spicy aromatic essence with fresh citrus leaves accompanied by persistent sandalwood and a musk with its sweet musky smell and a light touch of woods, perfect to sweeten all the environments of your home.