"Cereria Molla"Home &  Body Spray "Bulgarian rose & oud" 100 ml.

"Cereria Molla"Home & Body Spray "Bulgarian rose & oud" 100 ml.

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CERERIA MOLLA universal spray contains the vegetation grown by the extraordinary nature of Spain and the wild spirit inspired by the local culture.

Made from carefully selected natural ingredients, this spray is not only a fragrant body spray, but also a fresh scent for the car interior and home spaces.

The main notes of the fragrances: - Sandalwood is the slowest growing tree, which in perfumery reveals an intense aroma of clean wood with a sweet creamy spice; - Expressive and loved by men, cedar warms with a very cozy and earthy forest smell; - Intensely sweet jasmine decorates the fragrance composition with white flowers and a bright floral and fruity aroma; - Charismatic patchouli exudes a rich nutmeg and earth scent.