"T-Lab" Set" Fantastic Four"

"T-Lab" Set" Fantastic Four"

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Fantastic Four Set for hair texture, volume and gloss includes All Over Dream 15 Action Cream (150 ml), Volume Booster Styling Spray (150 ml), Hair Designer One-For-All Styling Lotion (150 ml) and Frizz Control Perfume Serum (150 ml). The set is supplied with T-LAB Professional exclusive paper bag.

Unisex | Gender Neutral
Dermatologically tested
Kids-friendly & Pregnancy-friendly
Cruelty-free & Against Animal Testing
Made with organic sustainable & fair-trade ingredients with high Nutrition Value
DIY – mix & match to create salon look at home
Refillable & Recyclable
Meaningful Aroma
Biodegradable packaging
Cosmopolitan origin

Created by top-beauty Academy.
Supporting bio-scientists worldwide.
Approved by professional beauticians in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

DIRECTIONS: Apply All Over Dream 15 Actions cream to damp hair, concentrating on mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying or air-drying. Distribute evenly throughout the hair. Massage into mid-lengths and ends using fingers and palms. Comb through. Style as usual. Do not rinse.
Spray Volume Booster onto damp hair at roots for volume, working section by section. For light body and texture, spray throughout hair and comb through to spread evenly. Blow-dry for amplified, all-day volume. Do not rinse out.
Pump Hair Designer One-For-All Styling Lotion onto hands, work the texture. Apply section by section on damp hair from root to tip for texture and shape memory. Can be used just at the roots for extra volume. For natural-looking waves, twist hair into desired shape.
Shake the bottle of Frizz Control Perfume Serum first to activate the scent molecules. Apply to damp or dry hair to control frizz. Comb to distribute. Style as usual. Mist throughout the day to refresh the hair’s aroma.