"Slim Happy" Drops With Benefits "Vanilla" (30ml)

"Slim Happy" Drops With Benefits "Vanilla" (30ml)

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They not only flavor your food and drinks with the taste of butter biscuits, vanilla or cheese cake, but also with the help of special plant extracts and trace elements contained in them, these drops give you additional functional value in your diet.

Drops with the benefits of Slim Happy * can help improve your mood, overall body tone, as they contain vitamins and lemon extract * . So, even in compliance diets you will be in a good mood and at the same time you save a lot calories without giving up pleasure, sweetness in food!

No calories; Fat free; With out sugar; Also suitable for vegans.

* Vitamin B6, niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C contribute to normal psychological function.

Flavor drops with benefits, made in Germany from the highest quality materials, ensure safe use.

Net volume - 30 ml.


GYMQUEEN drops with the benefits of Slim Happy * are available brand new " Delicious Drops form because they combine delicious "Delicious drops" taste with functionality . Drops with Benefits Slim Happy * that do not sugar and fat, you will currently find three flavors - butter cookies, vanilla and cheesecake. In curd, yogurt, flakes, drinks or just mixed with water, you can easily create an extremely tasty taste impression anywhere and any time - without any calories.

But that’s not all! Because of enrichment with vitamins B3, B6 and vitamin C. drops with benefits Slim Happy * maintains normal psychological function and helps to maintain a good mood even during the diet.

It contains lemon extract provides an extra daily dose of vitamin C!


Drops with Benefits Slim Happy * is for you if you want to give your food and drinks an extra taste and you also want to improve your mood during your diet or on drunken days. "Drops with Benefits" Slim Happy * is also great for diet or healthy eating, and is also suitable for vegans (gluten and lactose free). Contains no synthetic flavor enhancers, colorants or synthetic preservatives. 

* Vitamin B6, niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C contribute to normal psychological function.

Consumption recommendation: Mix the pipette (0.5 ml) daily with approximately 330 ml of water or food.

Storage: Store the product in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

Name: Food supplement with vitamins and lemon extract, with sweetener.

Net volume: 30ml

Note: the recommended daily allowance should not be exceeded. Do not use dietary supplements as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Composition: Water, taste, lemon extract, sweetener: sucralose; Vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6.

vitamin C 2400.00 mg 12.00 mg 15.00%
niacin 480.00 mg 2.40 mg 15.00%
Vitamin B 642.00 mg 0.21 mg 15.00%