"K-Mom" Body Gel  "For Infants and Children" (160 ml.)

"K-Mom" Body Gel "For Infants and Children" (160 ml.)

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For skin soothing Gel lotion Cooling care in hot or humid weather. Babies sweat much faster, so their skin can be especially sensitive. Gel lotion cools and soothes the skin without any sense of stickiness. It is recommended to apply places to infants who sweat especially through bends and are prone to rashes. The dermatological test scale is rated with the highest score! K-MOM’s first baby gel lotion received the highest-level Dermatest certificate from a German independent laboratory.

Steps 1 step. Shampoo and shower wash step 2. Gel lotion step 3. Moisturizing lotion step 4. Moisturizing cream You will maintain a balanced PH balance for your baby’s skin by following the steps above. First wash the baby with shampoo and shower wash. Secondly, apply the gel losion to cool the skin after bathing. Thirdly, apply moisturising loskirt and cream to moisten the skin as much as possible. Maintaining skin moisture is especially important. The first child gel, cooling lotion. Suitable from +0 years of age. Quantity 160ml/5,4fl.oz Textured mild and light Eco certified ingredients made with cosyid, moisturiser Validity 30-month Cooking Party South Korea ECO certified ingredients Organic and certified extracts are included in skin care products to keep baby and children’s skin healthy, strong and protected. Attention

  • Stop using if you irritate the skin, redness occurs.
  • Do not use on scars, wounds or infected areas.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • 30 months from the date of manufacture on the packaging.