"K-Mom" Insect Repelent (80 ml.)

"K-Mom" Insect Repelent (80 ml.)

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Insect Repelent is made with Picaridine,
effectively repels mosquitos and ticks.
No scent, no colour, no skin irritation.

Picaridine is derived from pepper trees. When you apply
repellent, it paralyses sense of smell of vermins, causing
the smell to be emitted by the human body.

Safe ingredients proven by the World Health Organisation.

Insect Repelent
Suitable for infants from 6 month old.

Quantity – 80 ml/2,7 fl.oz

Valid for: 36 months
(from the date of manufacture, that is indicated on the packaging)
Sprayed – widely and evenly sprays mist
Safe ingredients proven by the World Health Organisation
Country of manufacture – South Korea

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insects on Earth
selected by World Health Organisation (WHO).
Babies and pregnant women with weak immune systems

should be especially careful because they are the main medium
for diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and encephalitis.
In addition to various pests such as mosquitoes,
it can also block tick-borne mites.


  • Immediately suspend the use of this product, if allergic reactions
    and hypersensitivity occurs, including symptoms of redness.
  • Do not use it on sunburned skin areas
    (e.g. wounds or inflammation, joints, mucous membranes).
  • Do not put it on children’s hands, but put it on adults’ hands.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and don’t leave product indoors with
    room temperature above 30 degrees.
  • If you apply it to your face, put it on your hand first.
    Avoid eyes or mouth and apply only a small amount around your ears.