"Martiderm"  Pigment Zero " DSP-Bright" - 5 Ampoules

"Martiderm" Pigment Zero " DSP-Bright" - 5 Ampoules

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SKIN TYPE: All skin types
SIZE:  5 Ampoules
USE: Daily.

Depigmenting ampoule that evens skin tone and brightens the skin. Formulated with tranexamic acid to treat and prevent dark spots.

100% Protection against the appearance of spots after sun stimulation
14% Reduction of the melanin index
34% A more even tone
86% Brighter skin.


In vitro preclinical study, melanin quantification post-treatment and UVA stimulation. Bionos.

In vivo clinical study on 50 women aged 20 to 65, Caucasian, Latin and Asian skin. Measurement with Mexameter® MX18 after 60 days of use. Zurko Bioresearch.

Use test under dermatological control on 50 women aged 20 to 65. Assessment after 60 days of use. Zurko Bioresearch.


1.Shake the ampoule lightly.
2.Use the Easy Open device to open the ampoule, following the instructions on the box.
3.Apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline.
4.Massage in until fully absorbed.
5% Vitamin C-Tech
Tranexamic Acid
Double depigmenting action.
Benefits:DSP-BRIGHT contains selective depigmenting active ingredients which only act where there are dark spots, evening skin tone and helping to reduce and prevent their appearance. It also contains Vitamin C-Tech and Tranexamic Acid to reinforce the depigmenting effect.