"Martiderm" Hydra Booster - 30 Ampoules

"Martiderm" Hydra Booster - 30 Ampoules

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SKIN TYPE: Day & night treatment for one month.

SIZE: 30 ampoules.
USE: Daily, morning and night.

Hydra Booster is the new shock treatment for dry skin requiring intensive hydration. It combines 4 products: Proteos Hydra Plus ampoules (15 ampoules), Night Renew ampoules (15 ampoules), Facial Scrub (15 ml) and Hidro Mask (15 ml). Proteos Hydra Plus moisturises, is an antioxidant and makes skin firm and bright. Night Renew renews, firms and moisturises the skin. The facial scrub deep-cleanses to remove impurities and renew the skin, while the mask firms, leaving the skin softer, firmer and more hydrated.Directions:

1. Apply half an ampoule of Proteos Hydra Plus to clean, dry skin every morning.
2. Apply half an ampoule of Night Renew to clean, dry skin every night. half an ampoule of Night Renew to clean, dry skin every night.
3. Apply the Facial Scrub to damp skin, massage in and rinse off, once a week.

4. Apply Hidro Mask after the Facial Scrub for 10-15 minutes and rinse off, once a week.

 Main active ingredients:

Deep-moisturising and firming.

Vitamin C-Tech



Benefits: By synergistically combining 4 products, Hydra Booster gives you renewed, deeply moisturised and bright skin.