"Martiderm" Skin Complex Advanced - 1 Ampoule

"Martiderm" Skin Complex Advanced - 1 Ampoule

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SKIN TYPE: Normal/dry skin.
SIZE: 1 ampoule.
USE: Daily.

Skin Complex Advanced is the updated version of Skin Complex+. It is the most comprehensive formula for treating chronoaging and/or lacklustre skin. Its formulation combines, among other ingredients, 5% Proteum 89+ and 25% Vitamin Complex.

Specially indicated for dehydrated, dull skin with signs of sagging and expression lines. Provides hydration, nourishment and brightness for a rejuvenated appearance.

96% Collagen recovery
41% Wrinkle reduction
16% Firmer skin
83% Experience more revitalised skin.


Ex vivo preclinical study in aged skin model, result compared to untreated aged skin. Zurko Bioresearch

In vivo clinical study on 30 women aged 51 to 64 with normal/dry skin. Measured with Primos/Cutometer® MPA580 after 28 days of use. PhD Trials

Use test under dermatological control on 30 women aged 51 to 64 with normal/dry skin. Subjective evaluation after 28 days of use. PhD Trials.


1. Shake  the ampoule lightly.
2. Open the ampoule with the easy open device, following the instructions on the box.
3.Apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline.
4. Massage in  until fully absorbed.

Proteum 89+
A proteoglycan exclusive to MartiDerm which protects against oxidative stress, making skin more hydrated, firmer and more elastic.
Vitamin complex
Contains vitamins C, B5, E and liposomal A, essential fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-3) and chicory root extract.

Benefits:The synergistic effect between Proteum 89+ and Vitamin Complex delivers: