"Myf My Fragrance Milano" Home Spray "Lavender  Camomile" 150ml.

"Myf My Fragrance Milano" Home Spray "Lavender Camomile" 150ml.

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The scented water for linen and fabrics, thanks to its innovative blend studied without any addition of alcohol and gas, is suitable for all types of fabrics, even the most precious ones such as silk and cashmere. Delicate and simple to use, it is perfect to refresh clothes, sofas, curtains, rugs ,tapestries, and even car interiors. It neutralizes bad smells and perfumes the fabrics, giving them freshness and liveliness.


If you want to have an optimal use of the product, you have to spray it from a distance of at least 30cm keeping the bottle in a vertical position. It is not recommended to spay it on leather fabrics. It should not be used as a personal perfume. It is not suitable for ironing. If you use this product following all the warnings it doesn’t leave halos, doesn’t stain and doesn’t alter colours. The fresh and delicate scents chosen for this collection, thanks to a skilful combination of different aromas and ingredients, evoke the fresh and delicate scent of clothes hanging at the sun.


The bottles are made of recyclable PET. The spun fabric label woven according to ancient traditions, is applied by hand.