"GymQueen" Premium Queen  Protein Shake   (500g)

"GymQueen" Premium Queen Protein Shake (500g)

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Delicious, healthy, helpful! Queen Whey Protein - pcompanion to your diet and healthy lifestyle, active life.

Queen protein is a low calorie and great tasting drink! It is also low in fat and carbohydrates. You can choose from thirteen different flavors.

It is a blend of premium milk whey concentrate and isolate free of aspartame (E951 artificial sweetener)!
Queen proteins are made from high quality 80 percent. a combination of undenatured milk protein whey concentrate and milk protein isolate, where you will find the perfect blend of high quality protein.

Queen Whey mix contains about 19.5 grams of protein per serving of 25 grams and is also rich in various amino acids. Therefore, Queen protein is ideal for muscle regeneration or lean muscle growth, not only for athletes but also for dieters. The Queen protein also contains BCAA amino acids, which promote metabolism, speed up metabolism and help to break down fat deposits while preventing muscle breakdown. 

Queen proteins made in Germany from the highest quality materials ensure safe consumption. 

Package contains 500 g dry mix.

Queen protein:
- help you to get rid of accumulated fat;
- protects muscle mass against decay;
- help you gain lean muscle mass;
- ensure recovery of body and muscles after training;
- promote metabolism, speed up metabolism;
- Provide weight control with a good diet;
- will be a great alternative to a snack if you do not have the option to eat more than 3 times a day.

Composition: 93% whey protein mixture ( whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate whey protein hydrolyzate), 5% shortcrust pastry ( wheat flour, butter , sugar, egg , vanilla flavor), flavor, emulsifier: soy lecithin; Thickener: xanthan gum; Salt, sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose; silicon dioxide.

Various flavors also contain: cocoa powder, whey protein, vegetable oils (coconut oil), natural dye (caramel), skimmed milk powder. 

Consumption: mix 25 g (full measuring spoon) of Queen protein mixture with 250 - 300 ml milk or water and whisk well in your whisk or drinker. Use before or after your workout.
Pack of about 20 servings.

1,699.84 kj406.00 kcal 424.96 kj101.50 kcal
fat 6.60 g 1.65 g
 of which: saturated fatty acids 4.30 g 1.08 g
carbohydrates 6.70 g 1.68 g
 of which sugars 6.70 g 1.68 g
protein 80.00 g 20.00 g
salts 0.50 g 0.13 g
L-alanine 4.80 g 1.20 g
L-arginine 2.40 g 0.60 g
L-aspartic / L-aspartic acid 11.00 g 2.75 g
L-cysteine 2.60 g 0.65 g
L-glutamine / L-glutamic acid 17.60 g 4.40 g
L-glycine 1.60 g 0.40 g
L-histidine 1.90 g 0.48 g
L-isoleucine 5.90 g 1.48 g
L-leucine 11.10 g 2.78 g
L-lysine 9.80 g 2.45 g
L-methionine 2.20 g 0.55 g
L-phenylalanine 3.30 g 0.83 g
L-proline 5.30 g 1.33 g
L-serine 4.50 g 1.13 g
L-threonine 5.80 g 1.45 g
L-tryptophan 1.90 g 0.48 g
L-tyrosine 2.90 g 0.73 g
L-valine 5.40 g 1,35 

Total amino acids in the product: 41.54%, of which BCAA amino acids 20.60%.

Note: not to be used as a substitute for food. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance (RDA). Store in a dry, cool place.
Date of expiry: indicated on the packaging.
Manufacturer: Germany.