"Officina Delle Essenze" Diffuser "Uva Fragola" 250ml.

"Officina Delle Essenze" Diffuser "Uva Fragola" 250ml.

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The sweet juicy flavor of the grapes enlivens the air with a fruity essence where the notes of Strawberry and Blueberry melt together. Blueberry & Grape suggests the whole delicacy of a sugary perfume with original gourmand nuances. A travel between grapes and undergrowth sampling the taste of a delicious dessert in the atmosphere. The natural fragrance for a perfect dulcis in fundo.

Blueberry & Grape, known as Uva Fragola, is the ideal fragrance to scent living areasand dining rooms. You can relax among cupboards, stoves and bookshelves. It’s a fragrance to enjoy while sitting on the sofa and watching TV or while chatting with friends in the sitting room: you will be immersed in an absolute well-being.




Blueberry, Red grapes, Strawberry


Intense, Sweet


Living room, Office, Retail store