"Vitaker London"  Brazilian Straightening Keratin  "Sense"

"Vitaker London" Brazilian Straightening Keratin "Sense"

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This product is sold exclusively for hair professionals.

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Our best-seller!!! Amazing formulation for fantastic long-lasting results. The product has an exclusive GEL formulation which does not create fumes during the blow-drying process. The ultra-light formula instantly dissolves into hair, infusing moisture.

Sense Smoothing treatment capable of reducing frizz and volume whilst treating the hair.

Exclusive GEL formulation, which does not create fumes during the blow-drying process.

Hair can be washed after 24 hours, without having a heavy or greasy aspect during this period.
Suitable for all hair types, including blonde, bleached and previously relaxed or chemically treated hair.
Present in the market for 10 years.


Does not leave hair greasy after the procedure is complete.

Super shiny and silky hair.

Straight and frizz-free hair for up to 4 months.

With regular use, it does not thin hair ends.


Apply step 1 to wet hair, massage, and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat the process. For highlighted and damaged hair, apply only once (there is no need to wait). Dry the hair up to 90% and Apply Step 2, making sure all areas are completely covered. Leave the product on hair from 15-30 minutes. Blow-dry hair using a comb or a paddle brush. Iron hair. Each section should be ironed 10-15 times. The hair can be washed after 24 hours.