"Vitalibro" Vitamin C KIDS (Contains 50 orange-flavored gummies.)

"Vitalibro" Vitamin C KIDS (Contains 50 orange-flavored gummies.)

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Food supplement with ascorbic acid “Vitamin C KIDS” is a source of vitamin C in an easily absorbed form and optimal concentration for children.

One gummy contains 80 mg of vitamin C, which is 100% of the recommended daily allowance.

“Vitamin C KIDS” gummies with a great orange flavor and a playful shape will provide the children’s body with the necessary amount of vitamin C, which will provide versatile benefits to their body.

About vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a vital vitamin for people of all ages. The body does not produce it on its own, so this vitamin must be obtained with food or supplemented with food supplements.

Ascorbic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which is a necessary component of connective tissue, strengthens the walls of capillaries and other blood vessels, regulates blood cholesterol levels, promotes wound healing, strengthens bones and teeth.

Acting as an antioxidant, vitamin C strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Antioxidants regenerate other antioxidants in the body, thus inhibiting the harmful effects of free radicals and reducing oxidative stress experienced by cells.

In addition to these functions, vitamin C improves iron absorption and plays a very important role in immune function. Regular use of this vitamin strengthens the immune system of the children’s body, helps to fight against various infections. Increased levels of vitamin C make it easier to overcome existing cold symptoms.

Some of the first symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are weakness, constant fatigue and inflammation of the gums. With prolonged deficiency of this vitamin, wounds heal less well, gums swell and bleed, and teeth may start to loosen.

VitaLibro Vitamin C KIDS

Food supplement for children with vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative damage, support the formation of collagen, which is necessary for the normal function of blood vessels, skin, bones, cartilage, gums and teeth. Also, it helps maintain normal immune and nervous system activity and psychological function, improves iron absorption, helps maintain energy metabolism and reduces tiredness and fatigue.