"K-Mom" Zero Dust Stain Remover (400ml)
"K-Mom" Zero Dust Stain Remover (400ml)
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"K-Mom" Zero Dust Stain Remover (400ml)

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Stain remover for quick and safe cleaning.
From now on, baby food, fruit juice and other stains on the clothes and bedding can be easily removed.
The date of manufacture is indicated on the packaging.
The product is valid for 36 months from the date of manufacture.

Why choose K-MOM Zero-dust stain remover?
A tool that removes stains without any hassle and reduces the number of daily washes.
With herbal active ingredients
– Non-irritating plant extracts;
– NO Petroleum products.
Every mother’s desire is to give her child all the best!
Instructions for removing stains:
About 8 sprays per 1 sq. meter;
1. Wet stains well by spraying.
2. Rub the stain with your hands.
3. Depending on the stain, leave for 1-5 minutes for the cleaner to penetrate.
4. Wash with detergent or clean with a damp cloth.

Where to use?
When cleaning the house for: furniture, carpets, tablecloths, bedding (items that can not be washed often).
Caring for baby items: strollers, reusable diapers, underwear, bibs, socks, etc.
Taking care of adult clothes: light shirts; removing lipstick, coffee stains, etc.
Surfactant 5% to 15% (Fatty Alcohol (Non-ionic), Fatty Amine, Alkyl Poly Glucoside), Acidity Adjust, Chelating Agent, Ethyl Alcohol (Stabilizer, 9,5%), Preservative (1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, 0,3%), Fragrance, Benzyl Salicylate (Fragrance, 0,01%), Hexyl Cinnamal (-Fragrance, 0,02%), Sodium Chloride. Liquid index: Neutral.